Plantation Bolivia
needs your help

Join us to protect and preserve this beautiful wilderness

The situation

Bonaire has managed to protect and preserve some important nature, cultural and historical areas, but there are still many of these ‘monuments’ on the island that are unprotected and threatened. The rapid development of the island is so disruptive that it becomes a risk for  the nature, culture and history of Bonaire. The island will be severely affected if these places are altered, damaged or even destroyed. Right now there are serious plans to develop former slave plantation Plantation Bolivia. This wilderness may loose it’s authenticity and uniqueness, and simply cease to be a wilderness. Even it’s free and unlimited access to the local population is not guaranteed. Access that has been free since the abolishment of slavery.

Our mission

The aim of our movement is to conserve the originality, the authenticity and the integrity of as much as possible of the heritage of Bonaire, for present and future generations of Bonaire. This in cooperation with and for the local population.

Our intro video on the Plantation Bolivia